The word “senior” implies age discrimination

Dear Editor:

Re: “Senior fighting for a recall” headline.

She is a citizen of the city of Penticton, no less than you would call Dan Ashton a middle-aged man in the headline. The fact that you used the word “senior” would indicate pay no heed to her — she is older.

Elvena Slump is doing an admirable job of trying to get a reversal of the Skaha Park “sale.” Let’s face it, a 39-year lease is a sale.

How about you use the term “dictator” for Mayor Andrew Jakubeit, every time you print his name, with his number of in-camera meetings, destined to set a world record in Canada.

Then there’s the feeding at the through with most town councillors.

Yes, the whole town council gang should be thrown out on their behinds. The sooner the better.

And while I’m on my soapbox, what about that only one polling station last time for voting for a city this size? Whose brain child was that? A lot of people were unable to vote through this “oversight”!

Georges and Cheryl Jansen