The waterslide issue is not about age

Dear Editor:

Leasing public parkland for private commercial enterprise has always been the issue on Skaha Lake Park — not a contest between age groups.

While some youth and adults may think the park lacks “vibrancy” and some business people tout the line that Penticton has to do something for the “younger demographic,” thousands of youth, young adults and seniors testify that Skaha Park, just as it is, does provide vibrancy as well as relaxation, so healthy and needed for society.

I personally witnessed thousands of young adults and children, residents and tourists, at the park and farmers’ market last summer, expressing their hopes and signing to keep Skaha Park exactly the way it is, with no more buildings, slides, or pavement to destroy the park.

People are uniting, with hopes to win the case filed last fall against the Council’s decision made without the public’s knowledge or approval, to lease the land for almost 40 years for commercial purposes.

People, keep Skaha Park green, open and free for all ages!

Hannah Hyland