The value of democracy

Dear editor:

As James Miller’s Oct. 20 editorial on democracy points out, democracy is not what is or used to be. James and the Herald have respectfully shown that they cannot be influenced against printing what should and needs to be public. Thank you.

Democracy is not what it used to be when I grew up. I have several relatives who fought in WW2 and growing up we were proud to respect our veterans and our democratic way of life. Even simple family arguments were won by a show of hands – majority rules, end of story.

With the Trio lease and with many supporting to ignore democracy, I have come to realize times have changed.

A lot of the younger generations do not respect democracy. Maybe they have not been taught it the same as older generations. This appears to go beyond Penticton and our municipal government to the national level. Do they no longer teach democracy in school or at home?

I fear that Canada is slowly becoming fascist minded with each new generation where democracy is becoming an option if it favours what you want.

The Trio lease goes against democracy when 90 per cent of those who voted in the 2002 referendum said to make all Penticton’s parks designated parks, not to be developed without a referendum.

The public believed their parks were now safe for present and future generations and they could trust city hall to honour this referendum forever without manipulating its intent.

The group wanting the Trio waterslide know this, yet choose to ignore what is democratic. They will even show themselves to the world to make a heart in Skaha Park this weekend, while ironically a few days later is Remembrance Day to honour those who died to preserve our freedoms, rights and democratic way of life.

I hold no disrespect to this group, just disappointment that this may be the new direction of future generations. Maybe it is time to re-introduce the values of democracy into the classrooms of our children. Lest we forget.

Clifford Martin