The next election will be a big one

Dear Editor:

Why is it we cannot trust our elected officials and especially select senior-level bureaucrats?

When most were confident our parks were safe from these bullies, it turns out maybe they are not safe at all. Was the Parks Master Plan Steering Committee an exercise to protect our parks as most had hoped or was it created to make commercially developing our parks legal by “stacking the deck” with a committee favouring council’s personal wishes?

Does it also appear those senior staff and elected officials are like five-year-old spoiled brats that will stop at nothing to get their own way, where winning is more important than what is best long term for residents and tourists of Penticton?

My view is those at the helm care little of the environment, parks or the public and lack long-term foresight beyond the point of unprofessional conduct.

With the present mayor and council it seems to be my way or the highway.

How can we get rid of this council once and for all? Are they truly acting in the best interests of those they represent?

The next election has to be well thought- out, with five polling stations, two of which are senior friendly/accessible and a manual recount of the vote-counting machines. Most would agree the last election had many unanswered questions.

Which candidates are willing to give up the dental and extended medical benefits plan? Which candidates are willing to sign an affidavit/legal document once elected to lock-in our parks as permanent green space for which they were intended, not to develop at the whims of a select few and to put a lock on commercial development, by covent if such can be done.

I have come to realize the current senior staff and elected officials will not deviate from their dream team agenda, but will instead take different avenues to reach their personal agenda in spite of overwhelming opposition. There is zero hope on changing these short-sighted officials, thus making the next election the most important election in Penticton history to save our parks, facilities and sports fields for now and future generations.

Penticton needs politicians and staff that are smart enough to value green space, the public and their word.Which candidates will run on a platform of what is best for the public and not themselves?

Let the selection process and screening begin… we need to know in advance which candidates are truly genuine.

Clifford Martin