The more you’re slip sliding’ away

Dear Editor:

The city politicos have all but sanctioned an event that, to them, will be somewhat novel and attract locals and tourists alike for Canada Day weekend.

It centres around the temporary two-day waterslide on Vancouver Hill. Having said that, I am wondering if this is their way of a feasibility study to justify their Trio proposed waterslide project at Skaha Park. Could be that it is! Based on track record of openness and transparency, who knows what dunder-headed logic that council has been noted for thus far, might come into play.

Through various news media, we have been assured by council and proponents of the slide that anything that might beconsidered as a major issue regarding the slide has been dealt with and an almost

fail-safe system is in place. I suggest that refer to Robert Burns in his poem “To A Mouse,” where he points out that “the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.”

If the sponsors/proponents have done their homework, there should be little or no problem. That is a big “if.” However, there are no guarantees that things will go off without a hitch as we might well understand.

There are several questions that come to mind for this event to proceed. (The following are a few:)

• Is this a locally sponsored event? Who benefits here?

• What’s in it for the city coffers, if anything (not that we would be told about it)?

• Who pays for the thousands of gallons of water that will be used? Taxpayers? We don’t know for sure as to whether or not we might be facing a drought.

• In the event of a system failure who pays for any damage that released water may cause?

• How will this be an affordable event for all families to be able to participate?

• For the city, who will run the necessary system checks and balances?

These are but a few questions that as taxpayers, we have a right to know. We cannot be as flippantly blasé, as Coun. Tarik Sayeed said: If you have concerns regarding the slide event, “have a glass of wine; sit back and let us have fun!”

That brings up the added question of who the “us” referred to is that supposedly will be having fun!

In summary, I would hope that the city will address the issues and inform the public as to “a what-if scenario.”

Once that is done satisfactorily, let the sliding begin!

Ron Barillaro