The mayor’s arrogance

Dear Editor:

Mayor Andrew Jakubeit’s comment about an “agitated crowd” (Herald , July 27) with respect to the proposed paid parking issue further solidifies his arrogance towards the citizens of our fair city.

The “Let them eat cake” attitude was attributed to Marie Antoinette and went out of fashion long ago. Yet again, the mayor should think twice before offering his opinion once.

The mayor states: “There are a lot more moving pieces than maybe we first anticipated.”

Brilliant, just bloody brilliant!

Did not the same thing happen with respect to a 29-year lease of Skaha Lake Park? Let’s try to resolve that fiasco first and quickly. A year has passed since this ill-conceived project was foisted upon the taxpayers.

The “agitated crowd” is not the rabble set to storm the gates of City Hall. The “agitated crowd” will, however, storm the ballot boxes in the next election. Good luck with that!

Chris MacKay