That’s not right, indeed

“That’s not right.”

This was the response of our nine-year-old granddaughter when we outlined the forthcoming destruction of Skaha Lake Park that she has come to love.

She has been visiting the park during her frequent visits to Penticton, since she was 18-months-old and has become so familiar with its many wonderful attributes.

How unbelievable that the present major and council did not say, “that’s not right” when Trio presented its proposal to include a water park into its original plan of expansion of the marina.

How unbelievable that such a proposal from a private developer to acquire a large area of publicly-owned, publicly-maintained and well utilized park was not dismissed with “that’s not right.”

How unbelievable that the council did not listen to the citizens of Penticton who were outraged by the cavalier attitude of said council, and who said emphatically, “that’s not right!”

Indeed the whole sorry debacle can be summed up by our granddaughter’s response of “that’s not right.”

John and Pat Lovering