Termites eating city green space

Dear Editor:

Good question in The Herald’s letters page recently about the silence from Trio Marine. If indeed Trio Marine was community-minded, would they therefore not have requested to withdraw the park portion of the lease?

Surely they must realize by now — win or lose — without community support their business will not survive. Are they hoping the public will forget in a few years?  Will we forget? I doubt it!

If they were to volunteer to withdraw before legal action stops the lease, would they then become far more favourable in the eyes of the public and would the public not therefore offer full support of their marina/restaurant business? And should they lose the lease through legal action and sue the city (taxpayers), how much public support would they expect then?

It appears they choose to ignore public opinion but at what expense to the future of their business? The City has handed them a dream lease, but is this lease not the worst lease in perhaps the history of B.C. for any city?

How do we remove the green space termites responsible for eating away at our public parks?

Clifford Martin