Teen shares thoughts on Skaha Park

My name is Kristen Anderson, I am 13 years old and I do not agree with the choices that the council has made about the waterslides.

In Penticton there are underprivileged families who can’t afford to pay the fee of the waterslides. Many families are on minimum wage who need the money to pay for utilities, food, mortgage, gas and many more expenses.

Our past city councils have been slowly working to gain parkland by Skaha Lake and our current city council is willing to throw all that hard work in the trash. Also, city council has not considered having a vote to see who is in favour and who is against putting in the waterslides, they are not the only ones with a voice. Also, the waterpark will be open for less than half the year, during the winter it will just sit there, it will be a waste of space. The waterslides are a good idea to have in the city, however, they should not be built on  public parkland and it would be taking away greenspace.

There are many families who live in apartments where they have no backyard, so they go to the parks where they can visit with family and friends. Destroying the public parks they are limiting families options for places to gather.

If there is going to be a for-profit waterslide park, I think that it should be on private property, not public.

Kristen Anderson