Tear up Skaha Park contracts

You know of course the “new amenities” agreement of 150-plus pages is just more smoke and mirrors on part of city council and Trio Marine Group.

The only possible solution is to tear up all Trio Marine agreements  with the City of Penticton.

Tear up all contracts, including the marina at Skaha Lake. No contract with the Trio — period.

We don’t want any more intrusions or any further commercialization of any of our park lands, especially Skaha Park, the jewel of Penticton.

No more commercial footprints, other to what’s already existing there, no further expansion. And, no more 39 (40) year leases, preposterous! Two generations give away (almost a sale).

Negotiate or buy out, I’m not even sure we need to negotiate.

This is the only practical solution! And, let the healing begin.

Cheryl and Georges Jansen