Taxpayers want a fair vote

My husband and I participated in the rally at Penticton City Hall on Monday

First of all, I wish to say to “Yes” people, it isn’t true that we don’t want a water slide —we just don’t want to see part of the public park taken over by private enterprise.

Most of the “Yes” people were screaming women and they made it sound like the rest of us were against the waterslide and against kids. That’s not true. However, some children in the city are not going to be able to use the waterslide because their parents cannot afford it. A water slide would be great for those who could afford to use it, but only on private property. There is a great suggestion that the Penticton Indian Band have it built on their land by the channel parkway.

So the “Yes” group — we are taxpayers and just want a fair vote. We don’t want to be stuck with a big bill when eventually the waterslide goes bankrupt.

From what we could see there definitely were more people wanting a referendum than people screaming for a waterslide at Skaha Park, not half and half as it was reported by some media outlets.

We will be interested to learn how many residents signed the petition or will the city keep that a secret too?

Ramona Peterson