Tarik Sayeed did flip-flop on Skaha Lake Park

Dear Editor:

An open letter to Tarik Sayeed, NDP candidate in the Penticton riding.

I am puzzled by your track record regarding the Skaha Lake Park proposal.You have the reputation of having done a flip-flop on your support for the issue. According to the April 21 issue of the Penticton Herald you stated at a Peachland all-candidates forum that you had opposed the project at council meetings on June 29, 2015 and September 28, 2015.

In the same issue, James Miller reports that you voted in support of it at a meeting on July 25, 2015, and did not support Coun. Campbell Watt’s motion for reconsideration. Now you seem to say publicly that you opposed it all along. Please explain.

I am not prepared to vote for you if this reporting is correct. It is definitely your “kryptonite,” as James Miller describes it.

I cannot vote for the Liberals given their terrible track record on education, social services finances and honesty. I cannot vote for the NDP candidate if he supported, or even worse, did a flip-flop on the Skaha Lake proposal. I guess that leaves the Greens but they have no chance at all for forming government.

Maybe I won’t vote at all.

Art More