Sweetheart deal

Are “Doc” Holloway and Alena Zamorano’s heads stuck in the sand?

The majority are the signatures opposed to public park lands being developed. In a town of 30,000 (+/-) people, over 6,000 (so far) people have signed the petition against selling a portion of the park lands for a bunch of plastic tubes.

We are not opposed to development. Go ahead develop on private lands as much as you want and take your chances.

Do not depend on city coffers or taxpayers to prop up this Wally World idea. And, not on sacred park lands.

I believe it is a sweetheart deal to the Trio from the present council, but the most worrisome part is what if the slides fail to generate the income. What then will the Trio use the lands for? A major hotel and casino?

The only way to make a very clear decision, on this very decisive subject, is to have a referendum, and if the referendum passes against Trio’s proposal — which it will — have town council resign, because they will be a lame duck council afterwards.

The cost of a referendum is but a drop of water in a bucket for the town.

Saying it’s costly is ridiculous. It will be a black and white choice afterwards and pull the town together.

That’s part of our thinking.

Georges & Cheryl Jansen