Supports formal public inquiry

Dear Editor:

Electile Dysfunction:  the inability to get excited about any of the candidates in office. If you want to get to the bottom of any major issue, follow the money.

So let’s take a look at the financials presented to us about the income from the Trio deal. Income from the marina estimated at $500,000. With 100 boat slips on the drawing board, that would mean that the slips would cost boaters $5,000 each season.  I can envision people lined up to pay that — yeah right.

Water park admissions estimated at $500,000. At $25 per admission, that equates to 20,000 people. Given the two months of summer vacation for kids (and look at the terrible weather we’ve had for the last week of August 2015), that equates to 10,000 kids per month. Reality check? Parking?

Revenue from the restaurant estimated at $250,000. I visited the restaurant during the Peach Festival Sandcastle competition. The beach and park were packed with hundreds of people. There were exactly seven people in the restaurant, including staff.

So, following the money, none of the above makes sense.

Ergo, there must be some other underlying reason for this facade. Real estate immediately comes to mind. Lakeshore condos would bring in some significant dollars. Or perhaps this was all a ruse so that a proposal for a condo project on the golf course would be more palatable to the electorate?

Something cooking for the north-end beach properties? Whatever happened behind closed doors, we still have a ways to go in finding out the truth of the matter. Does anyone know how to get a formal public inquiry under way?

Wayne Schafer