Support Skaha development

Thank you, Doc Holloway (Western News, Time to speak up, Oct. 7) and Alena Zamorano (Western News, Waterslides a benefit, Oct. 7) for your letters.

I agree with your views and support the Skaha Park redevelopment as Trio has presented, see it as a wonderful improvement and totally support Penticton’s mayor and council in moving this project forward.

To the tree dedicators, I’m sorry for your loss, but ask whether you really expected your dedicated tree to last through our windstorms forever?

Unfortunately, trees don’t, but I’m trusting the developers and our council to contract to replace your tree with a younger, stronger memorial tree, thereby extending your memorial.

It’s time to make Skaha Park a vibrant southern crown to the beautiful Penticton vista our Okanagan Lake beaches and parks have become.

Eileen Hollingsworth