Summerland also loves park

Dear Editor:

I attended the rally in front of City Hall because I feel so strongly that it is a huge mistake to allow a water park on Skaha Beach.

First of all, as all of the speakers pointed out, our democratic right was violated — the Penticton citizens own the park land and they have the right to be informed and given the choice of whether it should be kept as a beautiful, peaceful, clean unobstructed FREE green space or have commercial property planted on it — removing beautiful, big healthy trees, grass, picnic tables — all to make the families and tourists who can afford it happy for three months of the year.

My husband and I are retired, live in Summerland, but do the major part of our shopping in Penticton and spend a lot of time there in recreation as well. We may at some point move there, thus, we care a great deal about the community. We have lots of friends in Penticton.

We hope through writing to you that City Council will have a referendum to decide the fate of Skaha Park. We know that their decision is undemocratic — they have not allowed the public input and we are very disappointed in their lack of caring about Penticton and its future.

Beverley Harris