Stop relying on tourism

Dear Editor:

 Regarding the furor over the idea of boycotting Chamber businesses or those associated with the Mayor or the council:

I disagree with those who suggest that boycotting is not appropriate.  This disagreement between pro and con regarding the Skaha Lake Park is not just about opinions,  it is clear to me at least that council has some serious issues when it comes to respect for the public and democracy itself.

The mayor and council are not elected dictators nor are they free to do anything they wish —  especially with land that is documented as being given for specific purposes. I am not a Penticton resident but work in the city so I believe I have a vital stake in this issue too.

If there have been other cases of leasing of public lands to businesses then I would say that is wrong and should not be allowed unless it has been dealt with through a referendum or if it is donated/purchased land without any restrictions.

I say though that a water slide in a public park is a most unintelligent idea given that we often have droughts in this area and that the costs of running it on a limited time frame would make it almost a “white elephant.”

I attempted to track down the Trio group online and at most I found a website that may or may not have been this group’s.

At some point, if the mayor and council will not back down, then I guess citizens may have to go to court (even that doesn’t seem to scare or bother the mayor and so I have to wonder what kind of man he is and what kind of people the councilors are.)

I realize some people may feel that those opposed to the water slide development are just “naysayers” but honestly, they do have good points about the lack of notice, accountability and that the mayor and council appear to have agendas that are not appropriate for their positions.

Waterslides have a poor history in Penticton so why would this new attempt make any more sense and why couldn’t Trio just purchase private property more appropriate for this project?

Is the Trio group solvent and accountable or will they bring this city a shameful legacy like the fellow(s) who was/were behind the hockey dorm?

I think Penticton needs more types of employment strategies than just leaning on the tourism industry and poorly thought-out projects.

Penticton needs more than just seasonal work or just retail work or highly specialized work.   Perhaps Penticton needs to consider a program assisting potential entrepreneurs whether it is financial or just information and guidance.

Patrick Longworth

Okanagan Falls