Still against commercial development at Skaha

As many of you know the agreement with Trio Marine, in regards to the waterslides, is no longer in effect.

However, this does not mean that we are finished with this divisive issue.

It’s only the start of yet another battle with city hall and mayor and council who are bound and determined to “revitalize” Skaha Park and equally determined to assure that it will be  Trio Marine who does the “revitalization.” They have put together a new agreement with Trio Marine which will give them access for another development.

City hall is bending over backwards to accommodate this company. Are there any developers or contractors in Penticton who have been given a one-year extension to get their financing in order? Were they told only their bid would stand?

Under this new agreement only Trio Marine will be the operators of a portable waterslide (Wibbit), a kiosk and also a concession stand whose present owner will not be given renewal when their lease runs out. No other bids will be considered. Trio Marine will also be given a free hand at the marina to upgrade.

The residents of Penticton do not want any additional commercialization in Skaha Park beyond those that are there right now. Skaha Park is mentioned among the top 20 parks and beaches in Canada. What is there to improve or revitalize?

At the recent Save Skaha Park Society meeting we were asked not to think about what we are against but what we are in favour of. Most residents are in favour of free and open park spaces without any commercial for-profit-development.

Mayor Jakubeit received over 5,100 votes in the last election and over 5,100 people are telling both him and council we do not want commercial development in our parks.

Joan Eschbach