Stealing from the disadvantaged

Dear Editor:

I am long past political correctness, I have not sacrificed my personal integrity at the alter of the almighty dollar!

I have always made it a point to support Penticton business and encouraged others to do so!  I love this community. In my 10 years here, I have purchased three cars… all in Penticton… I have renovated my house and hired all local people.

By the mere fact that Jason Cox as president of the Chamber of Commerce and executive member Chris Marte, would get involved in a political debate is incredulous! I have sat on the sidelines wondering if the Chamber is merely arrogant, ignorant or lacking common sense.

To those of you who marginalize seniors has it not occurred to you our motives are pure? We are well past our expiry date, off warranty so to speak. We care! It does not matter as we will be long gone before this 29-year lease expires. What we are hoping to accomplish by speaking up is to save a legacy for your children! We have made our mistakes.What we are trying to prevent is a mistake that will impact you and our grandchildren!

I volunteer and work with Penticton’s disadvantaged. Lovely people that you walk by every day and don’t even see! When you take even a small percentage of park land you are in effect stealing from the very group that does not have the ability to oppose you!

Mr. Cox supports the Trio Marine group, as a spokesman for Penticton business, but with this wrong thinking. Therefore until such time as I see the resignation of certain Chamber of Commerce members I will boycott all goods and services provided by any member of the Penticton Chamber of Commerce until such time these resignations are received.

Patrick Witzaney