Starting line imagination

Dear Editor:

The mayor of Penticton, in his imminent wisdom, wants to get all players in the Skaha Lake Park fiasco to the starting line. Hello, he may be living in a dream world, but I believe that all players were at the starting line on the day of the first protest rally at City Hall attended by hundreds of protesters. The bulk of the citizens were well down the track when:

1. they held the second protest rally at City Hall, again numbering in the hundreds

2. they held the protest rally at Skaha Lake Park, numbering up to one thousand participants

3. they wrote hundreds of letters protesting the leasing of parkland to Trio Marine for a waterslide,

4. when thousands signed a petition requiring a referendum before proceeding with the lease to Trio Marine

5. when the Save Skaha Lake Society filed a lawsuit against the city demanding a referendum on the loss of the portion of parkland to be occupied by a waterslide.

The Penticton Indian Band came to the starting line when they protested the signing of the lease with Trio Marine without consultation on lands that they say are their traditional lands that may contain precious native artifacts.

The mayor’s self-proclaimed starting line dwells in his imagination only. The only ones that have not made it to the starting line are the mayor and city council, and Trio Marine group.

Possibly city council’s thoughts are in La La Land dreaming of light canopies over Main Street and downtown revitalization.

Thankfully no revitalization is required for Skaha Lake Park and this fact is verified by it being voted one of the top 20 beach parks in Canada.

Does city council hope to improve on perfection? To date they have not proven they have the ability to do so.

Claude Bergman,