Staff moving too rapidly

Dear Editor:

Thank you for Cliff Matin’s letter (Herald, Sept. 9) that shed some light on how an idea, such as the Trio lease, so alien to most citizens and lacking in economic merit could could secretly float in City Hall for two years  and then be presented to council without meaningful public input.

Mr. Frank Marten’s letter related a dialogue with a senior city manager (Herald, Sept. 8) showed an appalling lack of interest in the  expressed views of the community he serves.

Another contributing factor might be the rapid turnover of senior staff in recent years.

Many are gone before they absorb the culture of a community that prizes its livability and amenities and wants fully capitalized industries that provide good year-round employment.

There is also the suspicion that staff , by accident or design, might not always forthcoming towards Council.

This is not prompted by the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) but rather the mayor’s rational at the public meeting at City Hall for allowing the Trio representative to speak for 15 minutes rather than the standard five minutes for the other speakers.

When asked by an audience member as to the difference in speaking time that was permitted, the reply was, “I allowed him to continue because he was mentioning things I was not aware of.”

Denis Hearle