SSP Society clarification

Dear Editor:

I wish to correct a comment attributed to me in Wednesday’s edition of the Herald concerning a second lawsuit filed against the City of Penticton and Trio Marine Group to stop the waterslides.

I did not say that Nelson Meikle is not associated with the Save Skaha Park Society (SSPS). Mr. Meikle is a member of the SSPS. What I did say is that he is acting independently in his lawsuit.

Mr. Meikle left the original group of concerned citizens that met last summer after a few gatherings in the park, however he joined the society when it was formed and remains a member.

SSPS regrets this misinformation and trusts Mr.Meikle is fighting for the same common goal which is to prevent the construction of a 60-foot commercial concrete waterslide in Skaha Park, arguably the most beautiful natural park in the Interior.

SSPS had put its civil claim on hold in the hope that the City of Penticton and Trio could reach an agreement that would meet the mandate of SSPS and save Penticton taxpayers very significant legal fees.

As the City and Trio were not able to do so, SSPS has reactivated its civil claim.

Lisa Martin

for SSPS