Splash pad is already free

Dear Editor:

Uh-oh! Another reputable, big developer rolls into Penticton!

We already have a super splash park and it’s free for children from all walks of life. We had a waterslide on Yorkton — and it had to go — to make room for another developer of condos and apartments. That developer even parked a big crane there for a month to sell his “offerings.”

Now, one-quarter of Skaha Lake Park should go, so someone can make “big bucks? And if it doesn’t fly, the City has to buy back the lease or land like they did with the cabanas on the lake?

Council — wake up! A park is and should stay a park and for free. And remember, we the all-year round residents make the city, not the three-month per year tourists and out-of-town developers.

Dan and Uli Kostic