Spending will be remembered

The LocoLanding parking lot was recently metered.

Two pedestal meters and 10 signs are now in place. Typical of the mayor’s approach to running the city, the lot was metered without consulting the public or the surrounding businesses.

If you disapprove of this decision and tactic give the mayor a call.  That is after all six of our councillors return from busily spending $30,000 of tax payer money attending  the annual UBCM meeting in Victoria.  When last years meeting is added in, the total grows to $60,000.  The figure will double to $120,000 by the time their four year term ends.

Perhaps the money could be spent more wisely. Which of the following would be most beneficial to residents?  (1) Paying for the group to attend four days of meetings, the results of which you never hear about, or:  (2) adding more portable picnic tables to the beaches and parks;  providing portable bike racks for summer events;  keeping the Gyro band shell tidy;  adding beach front drinking fountains;  keeping the channel  bike path free of gravel;  repairing protrusions on bike trails caused from root growth and deteriorating concrete;  doing a deal with the Penticton Indian Band to provide more parking for channel floaters at the Skaha end, and;  how about bundling major projects and holding an annual referendum so the public can have a say in the decision making process.

Attending the UBCM meetings and the failure to hold referendums for major decisions are financial contradictions that will be remembered come the next election cycle.

C. Otto Knaak