Special place in his heart

Response to: Hats off to the mayor and city council by Ernie Kish (Herald, Aug. 10).

I haven’t written a letter to the editor in years but I take exception to some of Ernie’s observations — actually just about all of them — and I felt I had to respond.

I do agree that jobs have been lost and we do need to develop and encourage businesses that will create good-paying jobs, but a waterslide that will function two or maybe three months of the year?

Like Ernie, I took my kids and my granddaughter to the old waterslides and had a great time. But they closed. Couldn’t make enough money to justify the value of the land they were on.

I too speak to a lot of people Ernie and whether they are prominent or just regular people, family, friends, or visitors, they all are shocked that a city council would even consider using public park land for such a venture.

On a personal note, my family celebrated our granddaughter’s birthday on that section of the park and at the same time there were two other family gatherings going on there. I have taken pre-wedding pictures and school graduation pictures there. I have seen a number of family reunions gathering there. With its trees and its ambience, that is a precious piece of real estate and using it for a parking lot and a waterslide is ludicrous.

The electorate did not get a “progressive council” in the last election. They are a council that seems determined to destroy some of the most successful accomplishments of previous councils and display their arrogance and disrespect for the wishes of the citizens they were elected to serve.

I don’t know where you were on Skaha Lake Rd. at 5 p.m. on Saturday of the long weekend, maybe at the Barley Mill end but I live at the south end of Skaha Lake Road.  All day the parking lots were full and the beaches were busy and at times the sidewalks were busy with people walking carrying their floaties and towels back to their motels or homes.

I have lived here since 1976 and Penticton today looks very different than it did when I first came here and most of the improvements have been done with careful planning and substantial input from caring citizens. This is a vibrant city with a promising future and we will correct the problems at City Hall during the next election.

Art Solley