Something not right

This morning my partner, a friend and I visited Skaha Park (Millennium Grove) the beautiful park that our mayor and council are hell bent set to destroy. Quite a few families were picnicking around the waterpark and the kids were having the time of their lives with the water canons.

To our great surprise none of the people we talked to knew that the city had given the go ahead to Trio Marine Group to destroy the park, cut down the majestic and irreplaceable trees and replace them with four ugly structures of for-profit waterslides. Nobody we talked to believed us and they all became furious when we told them that it was a done deal. We were dismayed to hear from so many people that they did not know that this was going on.

Why was this whole deal kept so quiet for so long and then pushed through council just minutes after a council meeting where almost all attendants spoke against this unbelievable project? Why the big hurry? Something is not right with this picture and the odour is terrible. And, please don’t insult us with the statement that the silent majority approves of it. The silent majority did not know or was too lazy to speak up.  Something smells rotten in the State of Denmark. Rescind or resign!

Bernie Strohmann