Some wishful thinking

Dear Editor:

How often do we make a decision to do something and then after the fact, decide that it may not have been a sound one? What the decision was made on is not important. It’s the consequence of making it that seems to go down the road sometimes.

We can always rely on the old cliché, “Hindsight is 20/20 vision,” can’t we?

Mayor Jakubeit is making overtones about “sitting at the table as a group and collectively addressing some decisions that were made previously.” It is his hope that collective dialogue can lead to satisfactory resolution.

This would seem to explain the old saying relative to “an ostrich burying its head in the sand,” that we all have heard a million times. Where were you

Mr. Jakubeit when asked to meet with people some months ago?

Evidently, you chose to bury your head in the sand by your lack of attention to the matters at hand. It seems that “the out of sight out of mind scenario was the order of the day.” It begs the question, “What were you and Council thinking or were you thinking? Did you think that the SSPS and other individuals would go away if ignored long enough?”

If so, wishful thinking!

Mr. Mayor, how long did you think this issue would lie dormant? It seems that you were operating on the premise that if ignored long enough, this issue would go away. Guess again! It’s still here and will be to haunt you ad infinitum. How many more times will Council shoot itself in the foot? Also will the self-issued health plan cover the sore foot treatment?

A recent letter by Gord McLaren (Herald, Aug. 3) was right on the money. We used to elect civic officials for their ability to engage the citizenry. This council seems to not want to engage with the public for much except for what it wants the public to know and when. Where were you 10 months ago when discussion could have and should have been held? You went on the premise of do it and ask for forgiveness later. Sorry, mayor, it doesn’t work that way!

One would have thought that rational decision making with general consensus would take precedence over knee-jerk reaction decision-making. Apparently not, in council’s case.

Might, so to speak, seems to make right… or does it? Silly me, I forgot that we taxpayers are your boss. Maybe you have lost track of that as well!

Ron Barillaro