Smacks of bad faith negotiating

Dear Editor:

Re: “Casino support didn’t come free” by Joe Fries (Herald, June 28).

Regarding Part 1 of this matter, you have journalistically confirmed that which we all suspected!

Two things: First, it’s unbelievable in light of the Skaha Park fiasco, that Mayor Jakubeit still does not understand the simple notion of transparency. All of this ought to have been disclosed with the Jan. 4 statement.

Second, how could the City offer as a condition to the Penticton Indian Band to “consider opportunities for facility infrastructure” only to have city staff speak at council meeting (on the night that approval for repairs to the Adidas Sportsplex was given) and say that the City does not have money for further infrastructure and that it has, if anything, too much infrastructure?

It smacks of bad faith negotiating.

Good piece.

Kent Webb