Slides will help keep our schools open

Dear Editor:

Okanagan Skaha School District 67 has declining enrollment which may cause some schools to shut down (Herald, Oct. 16).

I read this information the other day and thought what a shame. This could be happening because families are moving out of town, probably because there is nothing for their kids to do here while on their summer break.

A few skate parks and free beaches isn’t always the answer for all kids and families.

This is where the newly proposed waterslide at Skaha Park could come into play. Those against the potential waterslide park complain that it’s only open during summer months, well guess what, those summer months are significant to our students and families who only get those few months off from school.

Those who want to prevent the waterslides I feel are selfish and not really thinking of who the waterslides could and will benefit, give a thought to those people.   Penticton’s only mall has lost stores, now the mall may not be the place students want to hang out at anymore, stores down Main Street are shutting down.

What is there to do?

The new waterslides at least can give students and families hope that something fun is coming, and even give those students summer jobs to buy new clothes and shoes for when they return to school. Giving students hope that there is availability in Penticton to even find a summer job is nice too.

How about thinking about that rather than the “this is my park I grew up here, don’t take it away”.  Get real, world is changing, times are changing. It’s time for those who are in favor to voice their opinion.

It’s not just about saving the green space, it’s about what the opportunity can bring. Maybe SD67’s enrollment will increase, wouldn’t that be good news?

 Carlene George