Slides, sure; location, no

Dear Editor:

Rex Huntley, firstly, very few people who wish to save Skaha Lake Park are against water slides (Herald, Dec. 2). It’s the location they oppose. Why should the public subsidize this business venture when there are plenty of other better space, including along the PIB side of the river channel or by repeating the model used on Okanagan Lake beach?

Secondly, your assumption the council wouldn’t allow condos on the space if the waterslide doesn’t work shows you weren’t at Council in April of this year when the mayor considered re-zoning another area of the same park for high density housing.

Thirdly, how would you feel if you had planted or made a memorial to your parents or child and city council came along and said “get rid of it?”

Finally, if you review the research that has been done as long ago as the 1970s (including. the Okanagan Water Basin Study) you’ll discover we actually need more beach park if we’re to seriously attract/maintain tourism by 2020 and beyond.

Bold decision-making actually would include buying out more beach front homes at Skaha Lake, not giving it away.

Just ask Kelowna.

Glenn Sinclair