Skip the engagement

Mayor Andrew Jakubeit wants an engagement officer when most of us just want a divorce.

It doesn’t help he keeps calling us misinformed. Engage him and email [email protected] or phone city hall 250-490-2400.

Max Picton collects a paycheque and perks from the city but doesn’t have time to read the papers to learn what the public fears, what they celebrate and what they would like improved. Too negative, he says. Engage him, email [email protected]

Campbell Watt said “We have a couple of large things coming up and public engagement couldn’t be more important to us after what we’ve been through” — a reference to the waterslide controversy. What large things might that be? Engage him, email [email protected]

Why not send a copy to [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected]

This city has been dealing with bulletins, brochures, newsletters, permits and the media for years. The city of Ottawa is reducing its staff to streamline communication as they are finding too many layers slow down the process and confuse the issues. This from the city of Ottawa, go figure.

An engagement officer will not increase mayor and council’s ability to avoid controversy because chances are they won’t listen to them either.

Lynn Crassweller