Skaha resolution still seems fishy

Dear Editor:

Last Thursday’s decision to proceed with minimal commercial intrusion in Skaha Park was a win, win, for the people and city council.

Green space has been preserved. The goal of the Skaha Park Society was achieved. COP does not have to buy out the Trio Group with taxpayers’ funds. Trio can plunge ahead with their “dream”, raise necessary funding, and pursue the various agencies who will allow the permits for their project.

The above scenarios seem too good to be true… and they are.

Somewhere there is a snag, a catch, a rotting fishy smell to the entire process dating back to 2013. Who initiated the commercial exploitation of Skaha Park?

Will we ever find out? I doubt it!

The mayor and council, certain city hall staff members, and the Trio Marine Group have lost the trust of the citizens of Penticton. There is a desperate need for transparency, honesty, and openness in their future dealings.

Watch them carefully and closely.

In addition, I would like to nominate the members of the Save Skaha Park Advisory committee and all who have helped SSPS for the “Volunteers of the Year” award. The Advisory Committee has put in countless hours over the past 18 months, and they deserve our thanks and recognition.

Chris and Judy MacKay