Skaha Park trees lovely

Dear Editor:

My wife and I walk at Shaha Park almost daily as do hundreds of people even at this time of year.  Today I stood with my back to the lacrosse box and observed the beauty of the openness of the park, with all the beautiful shade trees (the best in the park). As a matter of fact it is hard to find a spot to put down a chair under these trees in July and August.

Now I suggest all the councilors do this exercise, and then turn around and have a look at the ugly chain link fence that encloses the lacrosse box and try and imagine this fence or something like it enclosing the entire area opposite to the south.

This fence will have to enclose these three beautiful shade trees, as well as everything else in this area. However I think if the boat house is to be moved there they will have to be cut down.

At any rate they will be out of bounds to the general public, as will the entire area.

What a huge mistake! How could you possibly think this is a good idea?

 Ernie & Corry Barthel