Skaha Marina malaise

Like many people I have some concerns with what is going on at the Skaha Lake Marina.

What happens there concerns me directly because I have been renting a berth there for years. I and most others agree that it is more than time to renovate and upgrade the marina. When they speak of new, large attractions such as waterslides it makes me wonder where they will find the space.

Boat beach is barely adequate for all the people that want to use it and the same is true about the parking there.

I remember the old waterslides fondly and although I would love to have new ones in town I remember how much space the slides and parking required. I believe that if you paved everything from the turtle pond to the green space behind the marina buildings it still would not be enough. Also, without the green spaces it would be as unattractive as the fair that is held in the mall parking lot.

Another item that I have heard bandied about is that there may be a round-about (traffic circle) used to organize people going in and out of the boat launch. That is such an obvious failure waiting to happen that I cannot believe that even our council would consider it.

There is also talk about a restaurant and a beach store. Done right that could be an asset. I repeat, done right.

Finally the docks themselves’ would be upgraded and the marina enclosure will be cleaned up.

Everyone wants that but every offer to the city included this as I understand it. The most important things to be done at the marina location all should be hinged on boating. These include launching, docking, servicing, rentals, seasonal storage and so on.

Restaurants, boutiques and tourist attractions can be accommodated at other locations.

Now we come to the final, and perhaps most important point. If the city actually has an approved plan of what will be undertaken on that spot, then why are they withholding it from the voters and taxpayers of the city?

If on the other hand they do not have plans that show in detail what will be undertaken, what the cost of this undertaking is and proof that the company has the wherewithal to meet these costs, then why is the city giving this company the lease?

I am sorry to say that it sounds like we are being offered a pig in a poke.

Would it not be more businesslike and prudent to have a new company submit their complete plans and proof of financing before we send away the people that have been successfully running the marina for years?

Would that not help to ensure continuity of service and protect the best interest of the people of Penticton?

Kevin Noonan