Skaha Marina could have a $4-million facelift


The Skaha Marina and surrounding area could soon have a new look.

Penticton city council on Tuesday received a report from director of operations Mitch Moroziuk on future development of the marina area.

Trio, which took over management of the marina this year, has long-term plans for an 85-seat restaurant and future water park along with enhancements to the docks, lighting and gating systems at the 100-slip marina, which services local boaters and tourists.

Moroziuk said significant upgrades have already been made to the facility by the new owner.

If approved, the first stage of redevelopment will involve the restaurant and docks, with future work including a water park with four slides, a children’s slide and a play pool.

The children’s splash pad and dragon boat storage shed will be relocated and a washroom and change room reconstructed at the time of the water park construction. In total, the proposed project will cost $4.33 million.

Moroziuk outlined a detailed profit-sharing formula between the city and marina operators and said there are provisions within the agreement protecting the city from any loss. Among those will be a required detailed financial plan from the operators as well as a letter of credit.

Council unanimously gave its initial support to the project.

Trio will make presentations and set up information kiosks until June 19 with a public meeting on June 29 where citizens may offer input. Details of the plan are posted on the city’s website at

Trio officials told council they’ve held initial meetings with dragon boat groups and have been well-received.

“This is one of the most exciting decisions we’ve made since getting elected, especially with the waterslides,” said Coun. Tarik Sayeed.

Coun. Helena Konanz said she’s pleased to have a water park returning to Penticton after a 10-year absence.

“I’ve heard many times that the city changed when the waterslides moved out. I know there will be a lot of excited kids when they pick up the paper tomorrow and see that they’re coming back,” she said.

Acting CAO Charles Loewen praised Moroziuk for his efforts, stating he’s put considerable effort into the project while working on it daily.