Skaha Lake Park Timeline


January 17: City council wraps up deliberations on it 2012 budget, which lists Skaha Lake Marina redevelopment as a strategic priority.

May 22: Two-year lease extension granted by city council to Penticton Yamaha, then-operator of Skaha Lake Marina.


May 17: City issues request for expressions of interest from companies to redevelop Skaha Lake Marina and surrounding area.


Sept. 16: Council announces one-year deal with Trio Marine Group, effective Jan. 1, 2015, after company selected from among four bidders that expressed interest in operating the marina and redeveloping the site, plans for which are mostly kept under wraps.

Sept. 17: Then-marina operator Mark Attrill says he isn’t surprised by the deal with Trio, since the city told him months earlier it wouldn’t renew Penticton Yamaha’s lease when it expired Dec. 31, 2014.


Feb. 24: the Herald reports moorage fees at the marina are nearly doubling under new management of Trio, which claims increase necessary to fund future improvements.

June 6: Trio begins public consultation and reveals full plans, prompting first letters to the editor expressing concern about leasing a portion of Skaha Lake Park for water slides.

June 29: Following a three-hour public hearing at which the majority of people spoke against the deal, council votes 5-2, with Mayor Andrew Jakubeit and Coun. Tarik Sayeed opposed,  in favour of entering into long-term lease with Trio.

July 17: Trio writes its own letter to the editor to clear up misconceptions about its plans, while the city posts on its website a list of frequently asked questions about the project.

July 20: Rally in front of City Hall attracts approximately 600 people for and against the water slides, some of whom disturb a council meeting inside, triggering a call to police to restore order.

July 21: Mayor Andrew Jakubeit says in a statement he polled colleagues and council is united in support for deal with Trio.

July 29: In the wake of continued public criticism, council votes 6-1, with Campbell Watt opposed, to carry forward with Trio, prompting opponents to announce a second rally, ongoing petitions and the possibility of legal action and recall of elected officials.

Aug. 4: Hundreds of opponents rally again outside City Hall on the same day Jakubeit later reveals he signed the agreement with Trio.

Aug. 17: Delegations expected to appear before city council to speak against plans to put water slides in Skaha Lake Park.