Skaha Lake Park sets world record for letters to the editor

Dear Editor:

I do believe the Skaha Lake Park issue has set the Guinness World Record for a location name that has been mentioned in print consecutively and repetitiously in such a short period of time.

It’s not the fault of the majority of people that voted for Andrew Jakubeit and the councillors that made it into office this time around by the alleged and distasteful strategy of keeping at bay the majority of voters that would have, without a shadow of a doubt, put John Vassilaki at the helm of this doomed vessel we sail on today named HMS Penticton.

Unfortunately for her crew (and this is only one man’s opinion) we were Shanghaied and ran around by the present arrogant obstinate representatives and decision makers of this fair city.

Thank goodness for Gravol and anti-depressants, the thought of three more years, before high water that will enable us to set sail again toward the horizon of hope and stability.

Just think, we could have been over halfway to sanity and harmony, if only John Vassilaki had made captain and not been duped into walking the plank.

What a tragedy.

Andy Homan