Sir Walter Scott said it best

Dear Editor:

“Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to deceive…”

—Sir Walter Scott circa 1808

“How do I deceive thee”, “Let me count the ways”…apologies to the Bible and John Lennon.

Not in chronological order but none of this is logical:

1. City’s 2013 Expression of Interest re: Skaha Lake Park development;

2. Termination of long-term lease holder Penticton Yamaha;

3. Trio given “interim one year lease” (Mitch Moroziuk) for marine services;

4. Non-Disclosure Agreement…does it exist?;

5. Surprise, there will be some enhancements to the “interim lease” at the marina;

6. Another surprise in May 2015 when Christmas arrives for the Trio group;

7. In-camera meetings;

8. Minimal public disclosure;

9. Trio announces their less-than-grand design which includes possibly the most flawed and laughable capital expense and revenue plan in the history of City developments;

10. Under market lease rate to Trio for 29 years plus options;

11. Public outrage, understandable, yet the mayor states that democracy died;

12. High pressure waterline to park;

13. Trio has the rights to select the vendors of their choice for the entire lakefront walk;

14. Memorial trees removal;

Etc., etc., etc, yada yada yada. And the beat goes on!

All of the above and more, yet the mayor and council, with the exception of Campbell Watt, continue to press on in the face of massive opposition.

It has been said before that there is much, much more to this desecration of our beautiful park. I believe it.

Our fine editor, James Miller, will not print some of the words that are on the tip of my tongue.

It’s not over!

Chris MacKay