Sicamous should remain heritage

While at the Farmers Market, I noticed the City had the display and public input for the SS Sicamous area. I was politely given the tour of the display and what was supposed to be public input options for the public to decide what may or may not be best suited for the area.

One option was a  “Heritage Option” which only made sense given the heritage boats and already a designated Heritage Site.The other option was a modern contemporary mix with heritage ,which made zero sense at all.

The senior presenter showed me the options, but the more I said I preferred the Heritage site by far, the more he tried to sell the modern contemporary look and would not give up on what had me wondering was part of his design.

Would one consider this an honest public consultation with a salesman highly promoting one point of view?

Should this gentleman not be immediately removed from this process to make it an unbiased public input display? Is this one of the salesman that has been involved with Skaha Park? If so ,why is he still on public payroll?

What had me change my view on the boat pier was it was NOT going to be on the marine sensitive channel side, on the east side only, but more importantly getting the limited number of boats away from the beach,swimmers and children. Definitely a safer environment than what now exists.

Later the same day I had a pleasant conversation with a member of the SS Sicamous Society and was pleased to learn the society had been putting  input into this public consultation, but for upgrades suited to a Heritage Park. Hmm seems again we have City staff more interested in pursuing their ideas than what the public or tourists really want.

Modern can be found in any city… not exciting, people come here to see what cannot be found in their big cities… nice beaches, parks, nature and heritage sites that leaves the mind to imagine what it was like 100 years ago.

Can eco-tourism now be a long overdue consideration with this proposal ?

If the changes are supporting the heritage vision — that of the SS Sicamouos Society and eco-tourism — then I (speaking for myself ) support these sensible changes. As to adding modern to a heritage site…


Clifford Martin