Sewage forum but not for park

Dear Editor:

Three open houses are planned to inform us taxpayers how much it costs and is done with our our local “poop” — really, seriously? Do we not have competent city engineers who can deal with that without the input of us citizens?

Is an open house on sewage issues and utility rates an olive branch, much the same as the mayor’s new Parks Master Plan? Let’s keep the peasants happy?

To me a déjà vu, indeed a very smelly business to say the least which only a referendum can deodorize.

Let me provide some input the mayor asked for. Let’s start with a clean up at City Hall, as there is enough crap dished out to us by City Council  and some Chamber members.

The open houses should be about the City’s plans for Skaha Lake Park but so far not much more information has been forthcoming when asked for details of the proposed  29-year lease (sale) of our public Skaha Lake Park to Trio Marine.

Gag order or not, both City Council and Trio Marine still have a lot to learn, as for your information: “Skaha Park is Not for Sale and It is not over!”

Elaine Vonck