Searching for the truth

Mayor Andrew Jakubeit repeatedly told us he would have open transparency and consultation on economic development.

I think he lied, lied, lied.

Whatever happened to the motto “council would discuss business in the public eye?” At the rally, Jakubeit told me he was impartial and had not decided the issue. Yet on Monday he told the CBC there would be no referendum and no consultation on the subject. He lied. He still continues to abuse the privileges of office. He also stated the silent majority support him. I believe that was a bare-faced lie.

I think the developers willfully misrepresented the waterslide issue and using parkland for commercial development. They lied. Not one person who signed the petition for a referendum said no to a waterslide. Just no waterslide in Skaha Park. Council’s defiant defence of its decision is not democracy; there was no consultation or any transparency. We now have no trust or confidence in the mayor and council due to this arrogance because of untrustworthy statements.

The mayor says we can not afford a $28,000 referendum yet he spent $14,000 giving himself and council medical and dental plans. We need a referendum and the cost would be worth it. We need a referendum of recall to replace this mayor and council, now.

Ed Webb