School yard bully tactic

Dear Editor:

 Conspiracy theories have been around for years.

The more popular ones include Jesus and Mary, Freemasons, the Kennedy assassination,  lunar landings, Elvis’s death, the 9/11 cover-up, and the latest,  the “Skaha Lake Water Park Secret Society.”

The connivance and  intrigue of council’s insufficient public notice and “in camera”  meetings has raised the ire of the taxpayer and yet the mayor  seems to be above the controversy.

The deal is sealed!

That “we  have been mandated” attitude is nothing but a schoolyard bully tactic.

The mayor and council have a hidden agenda surrounding the 29-year  lease of our magnificent park. It is not possible that the revenue  streams from the marina, restaurant, and water slide/mini-golf  operations will be able to pay down the construction debt and the

annual operating costs plus the city’s share of the gross less GST  paid. I will also  add that the city share does not begin until 2020.

This project may well fail. What then? Trio has the option, with  council’s approval, to re-lease the property. This beautiful piece  of parkland will go to other developers and will be lost to the  citizens of Penticton forever.

If that happens, I hope the name of  the ensuing condo development will be known as “Andrew’s Folly”.

The mayor is a promise-breaker. Is he looking for a seat in the  Senate? Shame on him and his fellow councillors!

Chris MacKay