Sayeed should have stood up for Penticton

Tarik Sayeed’s statement that “citizen’s need someone who will listen to them, and fight for them, for the right causes” is just another example of, say whatever it takes to get yourself elected.

You had a perfect opportunity to do this Tarik and you failed dismally, consequently disqualifying yourself from representing many of us at anything. We don’t want you. Are you listening to that?

The Skaha lakefront land grab is a deceitful and probably illegal, attempt by our incompetent city council to give beautiful and much loved public park land for commercial use to a group with no appropriate experience for this size or type of project and a dubious business plan, if you can call it that.

The Skaha lakefront land grab fiasco stinks and we all know it does. Sayeed had the perfect opportunity to show us his courage, leadership and principles by reneging his seat on council in opposition to what council has done and the way they have done it.

Sayeed, you did not listen and you did not fight for us. This is the worst council that the voters of Penticton have had the misfortune to elect.

You are part of it and like them you deserve to end up on the heap of political has-beens. Remember the phrase contamination by association.

Bill Smith