Our family has been enjoying the beach at Skaha Park for over 40 years, and we can’t imagine a summer without this place. We have three generations of family who love it at Skaha Park because there is something for everyone here. Please don’t let private enterprise take away this special place.

So many people have enjoyed it over the years as we can see by the plaques on the benches, tables, and under the trees. The trees were planted in memory of loved ones who have passed away and I can’t imagine anyone allowing these trees to be destroyed for some private waterslides. This place is special to so many people, how can anyone say it is under used? Why can’t the private waterslides be put on private land so that the park can continue to be enjoyed by the public? Parks are meant for everyone to enjoy.

Without this park, I sadly can’t see a reason for our family to continue to come to Penticton every summer. Hotel and restaurant businesses in Penticton will notice a loss in revenues when more and more families stop coming here because there is no more Skaha Park. Please don’t allow one private enterprise to take away the park that was meant for everyone. Please save Skaha Park!

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