Save Skaha signs up 720 new members at weekend rally

Heather Bryant lives near Skaha Lake Park and the highlight of her day is bringing her five-year-old there.

“We love running around in all this wide-open green space and watching the tourists and locals enjoying all of the space,” she said.

“It’s one of the few spaces of its kind left enjoyed by people from all ages and walks of life… and it’s free. To think they want to convert the area to accommodate a large, plastic monstrosity that won’t be operational at least eight months of the year.”

At issue is the proposed waterslide and miniature golf course for Skaha Lake Park, an issue which began about a year ago when Penticton city council approved a 29-year lease to Trio Marine to build and operate the commercial venture.

Wanting to do her part, Bryant is collecting $20 for lawn signs.

Organizers of the Save Skaha Park Society have set a lofty target of 10,000 members from Penticton. On Saturday they launched a membership blitz, complete with guest speakers and live entertainment, signing up 720 new members within four hours.

Lisa Martin of Save Skaha Park Society said they now have more than 2,150 members and will continue recruiting new ones at $2 each over the next several weeks.

It was the third official event organized by the Society (not counting two large rallies outside Penticton City Hall) and although numbers appeared thin by comparison to those earlier functions, the crowd Saturday trickled in and out over the four hours.

Anyone interested in joining the society may contact