Save Skaha Park update

Dear Editor:

The Save Skaha Park group is inviting all Penticton residents to come to the City Council meeting at 6 p.m. Monday, Aug. 17 to hear the committee present our opposition to the proposed waterslide in Skaha Park.

We have applied for permission to appear as a delegation at this meeting as we were promised by the mayor in the Aug. 1 Okanagan Saturday, after he denied us the right to speak at the meeting of Aug. 4.

At Monday’s meeting the delegation will be presenting petitions to City Council with more than 4,000 signatures of people who are opposed to a waterslide in Skaha Park.

Furthermore, the Save Skaha Park group is in the process of seeking legal counsel on the legality of the action this council has taken and to investigate if they have exceeded their authority. We are dismayed that residents of this city are having to use their own money, in addition to paying their taxes, in order to do this.

If it is determined that there has not been fairness of process in this matter, we all should be deeply worried about the future of all our parks.

It’s not over.

Lisa Martin

Save Skaha Park