Save Skaha Park planning human-chain protest Sunday

Save Skaha Park A protest earlier this month in Skaha Lake Park

Save Skaha Park
A protest earlier this month in Skaha Lake Park

Save Skaha Park is staging another event to keep the spotlight on its cause.

The citizens’ advocacy group, opposed to the forthcoming construction of a commercial waterslide venture on public parkland, hopes to create a human chain with at least 400 participants on Sunday.

The event begins at 2 p.m. near the boat launch area.

Participants are asked to wear bright-coloured clothing as they will be photographed and video recorded from a helicopter up above.

The purpose of the exercise is awareness, said Save Skaha Park spokeswoman Lisa Martin.

“We had about 500 people out for a concert earlier this month and we’re hoping to get as many people or more to create the human chain around the parkland we could lose,” she said. “This is going to be part of Penticton’s history as this event will be archived for the ages.”

Martin said the group continues to maintain its momentum with its own website plus a stronger presence on social media.

The website has also archived all letters to the editor in both The Herald and Penticton Western News. To date there have been 322 letters published, only 13 which were in support of the project.

“Every city in B.C. should be paying attention to what is going on here,” Martin said. “If Penticton City Council can decide to dispose of publicly owned park land and hand it to private developers, with no input from the people who own it, then your parkland is in danger too.”

Martin said legal action could be taken against the City of Penticton, but she failed to elaborate, stating only that a lawyer has been hired. Nor would she divulge the amount of money that’s been collected from the community to launch the action.

The Save Skaha Park group has been in existence for two months, but just finalized its advisory panel of Gary Denton, Carolae Donoghue, Gerry Karr, Jake Kimberley, Cliff Martin, Duane Martin, Lisa Martin, Benoit Robert, Lenora Robinson and Louella Sloboda.

Save Skaha Park is also inviting all of the travel writers who will be arriving in Penticton on Sunday for the Go Media Marketplace conference to attend their rally and tour the area. It’s hoped the human chain will catch the attention of the Vancouver media.