Save Skaha Park alive and active

Dear Editor:

Congratulations to Gary Denton on his appointment to the Parks and Recreation Master Plan Steering Committee (Herald, April 6).

Finally our city council has seen fit to include a member of the Save Skaha Park Society. This is a step in the right direction.

Now that all the trees are starting to leaf and summer is just around the corner, it is time once more to think about fighting against the Council’s decision to replace beautiful lakefront park with a parking lot and a huge, fence-enclosed waterslide. It has been said many times before that we do not oppose a waterslide even though two other waterslides in the city have already gone bankrupt.

The Save Skaha Park Society only opposes the use of an existing park as a commercial venture which would include a waterslide.

Build it somewhere else!

The Skaha Park debacle is still very much alive with the Society’s legal action still pending and waiting for the folks in City Hall to reply. No one wants the expense of going to court as this will be a significant expense when a $30,000 referendum was the appropriate action in the first place.

In spite of the thousands of signatures requesting a binding referendum that were submitted to the deaf ears of our mayor and city council, the contract with Treo remains in place.

All you who enjoy the beauty of green spaces, join the Save Skaha Park Society and give it some extra clout in fighting the ill-conceived decision of Penticton’s city council!

Margarita Nodwell