Save our beautiful Skaha Lake Park

Dear Editor:

The Trio Marine group’s proposal states that in stage two, 110,000 square feet of Skaha Lake Park land will have a water park containing four waterslides, etc.

This enormous destruction of cutting down mature trees and taking away city parkland is for what? Three month’s usage (and the rest of the year this monstrous thing just sits there, pointless).

Mayor Andrew Jakubeit stated to CBC News that: “It’s different if we were going to put a dry cleaner or apartment building there but we are putting in a water park and enhancing that area and creating more of a destination for visitors and obviously for our residents.”

This sounds like tourist-based business to me. And how could waterslides which are made in China from plastic and fiberglass materials replace the present beauty of Skaha Lake Park?

Mr. Mayor and council you need to listen to the residents of Penticton, we do not want our beautiful “sacred” Skaha Lake Park destroyed.

You are not only depriving us of our “green” space as this waterslide development will be taking away a fairly big chunk of land but also, you will be adding toxic materials into our already toxic environment.

Our planet does not need more plastic!

The ecosystem and our health are threatened by it; plastic produces toxin which when broken down leaches into our environment (land and oceans).

What will the planet look like in the not so distant future with the increasing influx of this hard weaving material being made every day in China because of projects such as this one?

This is where this plastic water park will end up when the Trio Marine lease is terminated, so this will definitely be an environmental concern down the road.

Mr. Mayor and council is this “water park” really needed, we already have Wibit waterpark on Okanagan Lake in the summer?

Let’s stop the madness and start thinking of the future preservation of “our” green spaces (which are becoming less and less in this era) and most of all “our” planet.

Rosanna Jardine