Royal family understands

Dear Editor:

This quote from Prince Charles’ book, “Highgrove: A Garden Celebrated,” seems appropriate given the current controversy.

“It is worth stressing that I found myself growing up at a time when so much that had been carefully and lovingly developed, bred, nurtured and improved over thousands of years of trial and error was being callously and rashly discarded. Thank God there were various far-sighted people in this country who had taken the trouble to set up organizations to try to save something from this carnage of fashionable vandalism. Now, of course, people are beginning to realize that all these things have intrinsic value and are crucial to our long-term survival.”

Sadly, it seems that the citizens of Penticton are experiencing the “carnage of fashionable vandalism” as applied to Skaha Lake Park by the council’s callous disregard for the intrinsic value of the park.

E. J. Walker

Okanagan Falls